Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is David Lindberg and I love games and storytelling. In fact, I love both of those things so much, I have devoted my life to them – studying programming, writing stories, prototyping ideas and doing weird logic and rendering experiments.

What I want to provide is a toolbox of reflections: Questions you can ask yourself during product development, to help gauge if you’re heading in the right direction. Few things can compete with practical experience, but by providing these tools, I hope to give you a more comprehensible mental framework which you can latch your experiences onto and grow faster.

With that being said, video games are – by and large – an artform. That means what I present to you here are my personal observations and should be in no way be interpreted as absolute truth. Instead consider it a conversation with someone who spends most of his time thinking about game- and AI design, world building and narratives, programming (C#, HLSL, C++, etc etc etc) and science-fiction writing.

Have a pleasant stay and feel free to ask me any questions on the YouTube channel (whenever that comes around).

  • Dave