Hobby projects

Hobby projects

Welcome to my page for hobby projects! These are things I enjoy doing but are too experimental or unrelated to my professional work interests, to put them in my portfolio.

The Simultinuum Project:

A world-building project in the vein of Control and Tales from the Loop, mostly as an outlet for my creative writing, but planned to open up for public consumption when I am happy with the format.

Current status:

IN PROGRESS: Most of the project is being done offline at the moment, as I am migrating and expanding onto the Obsidian (LINK) platform. The new format allows for better content exploration, while also making it easier for me to cross-reference existing content when adding new things.

An early prototype in the form of a – VERY – partial website (LINK) exists, with the beginnings of an alternate reality game (used techniques like steganography to put data into images, for example).

As an exercise in audio design, I also made some audio mockups for a game within that universe, including voice acting. You can hear one of these mockups here:

Viral Market:

A parody game I made when the first wave of Covid-19 hit and people were panic-buying toilet paper. Attempts to emulate the visual aesthetic of the PS1 console, largely ended up as a sound design experiment (I’m just saying that because the gameplay is awful), can be played on itchio (LINK) in all its janky glory. Or if you just want to hear some of the sound design I did on it, check out this video of the “anti-hoarding basket” mechanic:

Danish jokes ensue

Aside from the audio design, I had a lot of fun doing procedural shelf population of wares and the difficulty customization. While the game is pretty bad from a UX perspective, it was a great learning experience for building those types of systems.

Untitled VR horror game (no longer in development):

Built in collaboration with Emil Heering Larsen (LINK).


CANNED – It never got off the ground, but I was building an audio system for realistic audio occlusion and propagation, parts of which can be seen here on my Twitch channel (LINK). I was also doing the audio design, a few parts of which can be previewed on my Soundcloud profile: