Welcome to my life in summary!

Work experience:


As a Technical Support Engineer and Technical Community Manager at Rokoko, I’ve helped people with:

  • Running and administrating a Discord community of over 5000 people
  • Teaching mocap best practice for iterative production
  • Mocap cleanup, editing, retargeting (both FK/BVH and blendshape data)
  • Animation state machines and dynamic contexts (ie. corrections w. inverse kinematics, creative use of rig constraints)

I wrote two e-books for Rokoko as well:
Mocap and Animation in Game Development: (LINK TO E-BOOK)

Unity workflows 101, based on observed challenges in the Rokoko community: (LINK TO E-BOOK)


Been getting into 3D modelling and texturing, check out my ArtStation page for more details:

Tools development:

I like to optimize my workflows with custom tools and pipelines, as well as programming new ways to interact and use existing software like Blender. I am currently working on a tool called the Procedural Collection Assembler (PCA), which is a way to connect modular assets to each other, to quickly “grow” iterations. This allows you to easily build generators that produce weapons, characters, environments etc. by connecting your modular assets to each other with data. I am testing this with a few technical (and non-technical) artists, to improve the user experience before official release.

The work-in-progress documentation can be viewed here.

Please contact me on ArtStation or LinkedIn if you want to get your hands on the tool early and provide feedback.

Exam project:

An example of modular development from when I graduated in 2019. It consisted of a fairly complex AI, capable of memorizing observations, using them in weight-based decision-making, as well as a live escape path calculation system to take sensible escape paths from predators. The project also includes telemetry collection and visualization (3-dimensional heatmap) as well as an assortment of other modules.

This post showcases all of the modules that were built and tested, as well as links to more in-depth explanations of each of the systems:

General educational material:

I love writing educational material, fitting the context but always with a good sense of humor – as I firmly believe this helps with readability and memorization: