Here’s a list of games and projects I’ve worked on, or am currently occupied with. Not all of these are games, but can easily be translated into elements of game development. I’m educated as a programmer, but love diverging into game- and audio design as well as writing and world-building:

Movement-shooter (placeholder name):

Inspired by some of my favorite games like Ultrakill, Dusk, Doom 2016/Eternal, I always wanted to do my own take on the genre.

The player controller a custom physics-driven one, which allows for easier interactions with environmental forces and weapon feedback. Enemy AI controllers will follow the same principles for the same reasons.

Current status:

First iteration of the movement systems are done, require testing and changes, based on player feedback. Currently features wall-running, dashing, stomping, sliding and the use of a grappling hook which accelerates the player like a pulley. The biggest change from its current state will likely be down-scaling the effective range of the player’s mobility, to increase control in smaller spaces (aw yis, classic combat arenas).

Viral Market:

A parody game I made when the first wave of Covid-19 hit and people were panic-buying toilet paper. Attempts to emulate the visual aesthetic of the PS1 console, largely ended up as a sound design experiment, can be played on itchio in all its janky glory.

Untitled VR horror game (placeholder name):

A game being built in collaboration with Emil Heering Larsen.

Current status:

Still in very early stages, I am building an audio system for realistic audio occlusion and propagation, which can be sneak-previewed here on my Twitch channel. I am also doing the audio design itself, a few parts of which can be previewed on my Soundcloud profile:

The Simultinuum Project:

A weird world-building project I’ve been messing around with for over a decade.

Current status:

A partial website with the beginnings of an alternate reality game currently exists (yay for encrypted secrets hidden in plain sight). It is very likely I will finish writing a book to cement the concept, before I dive too deep into this website, as it is a massive undertaking. And while much of the content I could put on there already exists, it’s easier to write a book without too much being out there yet.

As an exercise in audio design, I also made some audio mockups for a game within that universe, one of which can be heard here.

Eco Telemetry:

An ecosystem populated by AI, which observes the environment and acts on its memories in the decision-making process. Positional telemetry is collected and heat mapped, to display trends in the AI’s behavior.

It is an old exam project which perfectly exemplifies “way too complicated for such a short amount of time” kind of development. However, the individual systems that were finished, are interesting enough to merit the project’s inclusion on this page.

Lots of tutorials:

If you came here through the front page, you’ll likely have noticed the amount of tutorials lying around. Back when I was studying and taking a lot of courses, a great way for me to cement my knowledge, was to communicate it to others, making sure I had understood the topic. While some of it (particularly on DOTS in Unity) is likely outdated a bit by now, the content on shader and AI basics – and the memes I sprinkled around the posts – should still remain quite relevant!