Welcome to my life in summary!

Work experience:


As a Technical Support Engineer and Technical Community Manager at Rokoko, I’ve helped people with:

  • Running and administrating a Discord community of over 5000 people
  • Teaching mocap best practice for iterative production
  • Mocap cleanup, editing, retargeting (both FK/BVH and blendshape data)
  • Animation state machines and dynamic contexts (ie. corrections w. inverse kinematics, creative use of rig constraints)

I wrote two e-books for Rokoko as well:
Mocap and Animation in Game Development: (LINK TO E-BOOK)

Unity workflows 101, based on observed challenges in the Rokoko community: (LINK TO E-BOOK)


Been getting into 3D modelling and texturing, check out my ArtStation page for more details:

Exam project:

An example of modular development from when I graduated in 2019. It consisted of a fairly complex AI, capable of memorizing observations, using them in weight-based decision-making, as well as a live escape path calculation system to take sensible escape paths from predators. The project also includes telemetry collection and visualization (3-dimensional heatmap) as well as an assortment of other modules.

This post showcases all of the modules that were built and tested, as well as links to more in-depth explanations of each of the systems:

General educational material:

I love writing educational material, fitting the context but always with a good sense of humor – as I firmly believe this helps with readability and memorization: